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2021 Shanghai International Charging Piles and Industry Equipment Exhibition

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2021 Shanghai International Charging Pile and Battery Exchange Technology and Equipment Exhibition, referred to as: Shanghai Charging and Exchange Exhibition CPSE, the exhibition is co-sponsored by: China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, China Charging Pile Network, Lianlian Charging and other units, Shanghai He Li Organized by Exhibition Co., Ltd. In the same period: Shanghai Smart Automobile Exhibition, Shanghai Battery Technology Exhibition, Shanghai Energy Storage Exhibition, the 7th China International Electric Vehicle Charging and Swap Industry Conference, the 6th China International Lithium Battery and Electric Industry Conference, and the Global Electric Mobility Innovation Conference.

The 2021 Shanghai International Charging Pile and Battery Exchange Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held from July 7th to 9th at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center (7575 Boyuan Road).


Kayal Electric Subsidiary Anfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will participate in this exhibition

Booth No .: B01, Welcome to visit


Anfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing professional optical reservoir integrated solutions, and produces sales of exchange of exchange piles, DC charging piles, flexible charge piles, photovoltaic traffic boxes, outdoor switching power communication cabinets, energy storage cabinets, high Low voltage complete sets of products. The company vigorously introduces the DC pile automation production line, the exchange of automated production lines, robotic arms, etc., all from Japan FANUC (Danakata), completely emancipate artificial, realizing the robot factory.


From R & D, production to sales, consistent with ISO9001, ISO14001 international system standard, product via CCC, CQC, Germany TUV, US UL, Popping and other certifications. The company has obtained a number of national invention patents. It has been rated as a city-level advanced enterprise, star enterprise, merit enterprise, and a contract-honoring company, a hundred-strong taxpayer, AAA credit and other enterprises, charitable contribution enterprises and other honorary titles, many times Raised excellent suppliers by well-known enterprises and cooperated with the world's five hundred companies Emerson!


This exhibition, launched new charging pile electric vehicle charging station


New energy car double gun DC charging pile can be made 30-240kW. Square advertising screen, suitable for all kinds of social vehicles and bus, heavy trucks, etc.


7KW AC charging pile, you can realize plug-and-play, credit card start, scan code payment function. Mainly applicable to personal users.



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