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BSI Public Charging Specification for Electric Vehicles for Comments

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The British Standards Institute (BSI) announced that the British standard PAS1899:2022 Electric vehicles - Accessible charging - Specification is seeking comments, and the deadline is May 4, 2022. This standard aims to ensure that the public charging of electric vehicles in the UK is unimpeded.

The British government promises to gradually stop selling new gasoline and diesel vehicles and trucks by 2030, which will lead to an increase in the use of electric vehicles, which requires a new and important electric vehicle charging infrastructure network. It is estimated that there are 14 million disabled people in Britain, and it is estimated that there will be 2.7 million disabled drivers within 10 years. Therefore, the charging point must be designed to accommodate all consumers.

PAS 1899:2022 is the first such standard in the world. It stipulates the requirements for providing accessible public charging of all plug-in vehicles to all potential users and pedestrians, and creates a inclusive charging environment for all people, including the disabled, the elderly, and people with learning disabilities or neurological diseases. The focus of the standard is to achieve a minimum accessibility standard for all public charging stations and environments where greater accessibility can be deployed.

PAS 1899:2022 mainly covers:

(1) Physical factors surrounding the fixed charging point (such as curb height, ground type);

(2) The location and spacing of fixed charging points within the streetscape and public areas, as well as with respect to other infrastructure and/or objects (e.g., the placement of charging points with respect to individual parking spaces, sufficient space around charging points and vehicles);

(3) Factors to be considered when designing and describing accessible charging points and their adjacent areas, such as charging point height, cable and cable management system, bollard spacing, interface inclination, lighting, color used, language accessibility in communication, weight and ease of use of equipment;

(4) Information, signals and indicators provided.



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