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Charging Standard for Russian Electric Vehicles to China

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According to Russian media, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has revised the requirements for rapid charging facilities for electric vehicles, stipulating that charging stations must meet the Chinese standard GB/T, while the European standard CCS2 and the Japanese standard CHAdeMO are optional.

According to the new regulations, the charging station shall be equipped with three charging interfaces, at least one of which shall comply with Chinese GB/T standards. The manufacturer can also choose to install a CCS2 or CHAdeMO standard charging interface.

Marketers said that all Chinese cars in Russia currently use European charging interfaces. They believed that due to the closure of EU exports to Russia, Russia placed hopes on the localization of Chinese cars and imports to Asia.

Andrei Gulianov, CEO of Sitronics Electro, said that the Chinese GB/T standard is essentially replacing the CHAdeMO and CCS2 standards. CHAdeMO is out of date, while CCS2 will lose its market position due to EU ban on exports. He predicted that in a few years, 70% of Russian electric vehicles will be equipped with Chinese charging interfaces, and Russian electric vehicles will also be equipped with Chinese charging interfaces.

Chery Automobile recently planned to export electric vehicles to Russia. It is said that the company has started to adjust the vehicle to start the CCS standard certification process. However, the Russian government now requires the electric vehicle charging station to switch to the Chinese standard, Chery said that it may modify the original plan before returning to the Russian market.

It is reported that there will be 545 electric vehicle charging stations operating in Russia in 2021. In 2022-2024, the subsidy plan of 8.1 billion rubles will be implemented, and 2900 fast charging posts will be installed. The maximum subsidy is 60% of the charging station cost, but not more than 1.86 million rubles. The subsidy for the technical connection between the charging station and the power grid is 30% of the cost, but not more than 900000 rubles.



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