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Europe will reach 130 million electric vehicles in 2035, with a huge gap in charging piles

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        According to a joint report by Ernst & Young and Eurelectric, the number of electric vehicles on European roads could reach 130 million by 2035, so the European region needs to formulate a good policy response plan to deal with the surge in the number of electric vehicles the charging pressure.

        One in every 11 new cars sold in Europe in 2021 is a pure electric vehicle, a 63% increase from 2020. There are currently 374,000 public charging piles in Europe, two-thirds of which are concentrated in five countries - the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, while some European countries still do not reach one charging point per 100 kilometers, and the infrastructure The absence will limit the use of electric vehicles, leading to obstacles to promotion.

        The report shows that there are currently 3.3 million electric vehicles on the road in Europe, and by 2035, 9 million public charging piles and 56 million household charging piles, a total of 65 million electric vehicle charging piles, will be needed to meet the rapid growth of pure electric vehicles. Electric vehicle charging needs.

        To meet demand, Europe will need to install 500,000 public chargers a year by 2030, and 1 million a year thereafter, said Serge Colle, EY's global head of energy and resources. But Kristian Ruby, secretary-general of the European Electricity Industry Federation, said there were huge delays in building public charging infrastructure due to planning and permitting issues.

        In the process of electric vehicle development in China, we realize that charging infrastructure is an important guarantee for electric vehicle travel, and it is also an important support for promoting industrial development and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, due to old urban infrastructure, cumbersome policies, and uneven population distribution in Europe, new energy charging piles in cities are unavailable or have low utilization rates.

        Therefore, it is necessary to guide the policy and lay out the charging piles scientifically and rationally, which can bring users a convenient charging experience and reduce costs for enterprises and users.



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