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France vigorously improves electric vehicle supporting facilities

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       In recent years, France has accelerated the construction of electric vehicle infrastructure, promoted the popularization of electric vehicles, and helped achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality". Recently, 505 electric vehicle charging piles were officially put into use in the Madeleine-Tronche underground parking lot in the eighth district of Paris, France, making it the largest electric vehicle parking lot in France. In the next few months, several parking lots in Paris will install and use charging piles one after another.

       "Five years ago, there were only four charging points in the Madeleine-Tronche parking lot. Now we don't have to worry about finding a charging point anymore," said Dorotay, an electric car owner. According to reports, the power of the charging piles in the parking lot ranges from 7 kW to 22 kW, and the car battery can be fully charged within five or six hours. The price includes a fixed fee of 0.5 euros and a charging cost of 0.4 euros per kWh. At the same time, 30 charging piles for electric bicycles have been installed in the parking lot.

       According to the plan of the Paris municipal government, by 2024, 8,000 charging piles will be set up in the city, and 2,200 have been built so far. Paris will also retrofit traditional gas stations to make them also rechargeable. Total Energy is currently transforming some of its gas stations in the La Défense business district of Paris into ultra-fast charging centers with a power of 175 kilowatts and a goal of "100 kilometers of travel in 6 minutes". According to Total Energy, there are currently 3 gas stations under renovation in Paris, and about 60 similar gas stations will be renovated nationwide.

       France adopted the "National Low-Carbon Strategy" in April 2020, setting the goal of achieving "carbon neutrality" by 2050, and promoting electric vehicles has become an important measure to achieve low-carbon development in the transportation sector. In addition to providing subsidies to consumers who purchase electric and hybrid vehicles, improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles is an important government initiative. In October last year, France launched the "France 2030" investment plan, proposing to invest 300 million euros in the next 10 years to deploy and install car charging facilities. According to the French government's plan, France is upgrading electric vehicle charging equipment installed a few years ago to improve charging efficiency. In addition, the government also encourages large supermarket parking lots to be equipped with electric vehicle charging piles. For example, Carrefour supermarket plans to install 2,000 charging piles in 2023.

       According to data from the French Automobile Manufacturers Council, more than 160,000 new electric vehicles will be registered in France in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 46%, accounting for 14.65% of the total number of new registrations of motor vehicles. An article in the French newspaper Le Parisien stated that, driven by relevant government policies, the electric vehicle market will accelerate its development in the next few years.



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