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German KfW 440 EV Charging Station Subsidy

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KfW440 is a national subsidy policy implemented by the German government on November 24, 2020, aiming to accelerate the construction of the German private charging pile market, thereby further promoting the rapid popularization of electric vehicles.

KfW, short for KfW - Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau -, is the German state-owned investment and development bank. An important business of the bank is to provide subsidies and loans to the construction and new energy industries.

1. Key points of KFW440 policy

A subsidy of up to EUR 900 per charging point/gun is provided to subsidize the purchase and installation of charging points. Charging piles must be installed in private parking spaces or garages of residential buildings. The subsidy targets are owners, owners' associations, tenants or landlords. Commercial piles built by companies are not eligible for this subsidy program.

2. Subsidy fees

Subsidize the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging piles installed in residential parking spaces or parking garages for private use only. The cost includes:

•The purchase cost of 11kW smart charging piles (which can be higher power charging piles limited to 11kW);

• Charging pile installation and wiring costs, including all installation work;

• The cost of the Energy Management System (EMS) to control the charging piles (Note: The prerequisite for receiving subsidies is that the charging piles only use renewable energy, such as their own photovoltaic power plants, or clean electricity contracts with electricity suppliers. contract.

3. Who is eligible to apply for the subsidy

• Private owner

• Condominium Owners Association

• Tenant

• Landlords (individuals, companies, housing associations)

4. Amount of subsidy

Up to 900 euros subsidy per charging point/gun. The calculation method is: the cost of purchasing and installing the charging pile is the expenditure cost, and the expenditure cost is not less than 900 euros to get the subsidy. One charging point/gun can get a subsidy of up to 900 euros, provided that the expenditure is not less than 900 euros; two charging points/guns can be subsidized up to 1800 euros, provided that the expenditure is not less than 1800 euros, if the expenditure is not less than 1800 euros If the cost is between 900 (inclusive) and 1800 (exclusive), you can only enjoy a subsidy of 900 euros. In short, the amount of the subsidy is a multiple of 900. So on and so forth.



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