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How to do the operation and maintenance of the charging station in summer?

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          High temperature and frequent rain in summer have brought many challenges to the operation and maintenance management of charging stations. Today, let's talk about what needs to be paid more attention to in terms of operation and maintenance management of charging stations in summer?

          There are many vehicles passing through the charging station on weekdays, so there is a lot of dust. In a high temperature environment, checking whether the heat dissipation function of the charging pile is normal is an important task for the maintenance of the charging pile. Especially when using charging piles, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the dust-proof net is blocked by foreign objects to ensure that the air ducts of the air inlet and outlet have a good ventilation effect, which is a crucial part of the operation and maintenance of the charging station.


          Before the rainy season, the charging station needs to conduct a comprehensive inspection and dredging of the roads of the station and the drainage facilities in the field, and do a good job of preventing water accumulation and drainage. At the same time, check whether the equipment in the power distribution room is aging, damp, leakage, and whether the sound of the transformer is abnormal. After the rain, check the water accumulation in the basement, cable trench, cable tunnel, etc., and drain the water in time for ventilation.


          In summer, there is a high incidence of rainstorms, and it is necessary to check whether the charging gun head on the charging pile is clean, free of water and foreign objects. If it is dirty, wipe it with a dry cloth to keep the charging head dry. It is strictly forbidden to use metal objects to touch the interface of the charging gun, and the gun wire should not be entangled when charging, so as to prevent the gun wire from overheating and causing potential safety hazards. And after charging, the gun head must be inserted back into the charging gun to avoid damage to the charging gun.


          With the rise in temperature, the risk of fire at the station has also increased significantly. Therefore, the fire protection of the charging station must be in place. It is necessary to comprehensively and carefully check the validity period of the fire extinguisher, whether the pressure is normal, whether the fire sand and fire shovel are missing, and whether the fire passage is blocked.


          In addition, it is necessary to strengthen daily inspection and maintenance in the charging station; and no debris can be accumulated or placed around the station. Do not leave any flammable and explosive items near the charging pile.


          Safety management is more important than Mount Tai; It is hoped that all businesses can regularly perform necessary maintenance and cleaning of charging sites to minimize safety risks and reduce accidents.



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