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Italy's demand for charging pile installation expands under the trend of electric vehicle industry

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          The explosive development of the electric vehicle industry has driven the rapid expansion of the demand for the application of its supporting facilities, and the charging pile is one of them. Charging piles are mainly used for charging electric vehicles, similar to fuel dispensers, and are mainly distributed in parking lots or charging stations in shopping malls, tourist attractions, highways and residential areas. They can be divided into floor mounted, wall mounted, DC type, AC type, AC/DC integrated and other types according to different indicators.

          As the main supporting facilities of electric vehicles, the development of the charging pile market is closely related to the local sales demand of electric vehicles. Europe in 2020 is an important incremental market for the global electric vehicle industry. Although it is greatly affected by the COVID-19, Germany, France, Italy and other countries are all important markets for the development of European electric vehicles. In recent years, the Italian government has also increased its investment in the electric vehicle industry, proposed several measures to encourage electric vehicle manufacturers to improve their production capacity, and actively promoted the development of the domestic electric vehicle industry. By June 2020, the sales volume of Italian electric vehicles had reached 16000, up 100% compared with the same period of the previous year (about 8000), and the penetration rate in the entire automobile industry had also increased to 2.7%. It can be seen that there is still a large space for the development of Italian electric vehicle industry. As a key equipment, the charging pile has a huge market potential.

          According to the Research Report on the Market Status of Italian Charging Pile Industry in 2021 and the Feasibility of Overseas Enterprises Entering the Market released by the New Horizon Industry Research Center, by the end of 2020, there are 2.24 million BEV+PHEV in 27 EU countries, of which 94.3% are passenger cars, 5.4% are light commercial vehicles, 0.3% are buses and 0.03% are trucks; In terms of charging piles, there are 226,000 public charging piles by the end of 2020, of which 89% are slow charging piles (<22kW) and the rest are fast charging piles. According to the plan of the European Parliament, 1 million public charging piles will be installed and used in 2025. However, at present, Italy's charging pile industry is still in the initial stage of development, which can no longer meet the domestic demand for electric vehicle charging, and there is a large space for industrial investment.

          Among them, Enel x, an Italian power giant, announced in August 2020 that the number of public charging posts in the company's Ev charging network had increased significantly from 30000 in early June to more than 50000; In addition, ABB Group, a global power and automation expert, announced that it would invest 30 million dollars to build a new manufacturing plant in San Giovanni Valdano, Italy, to meet the needs of Italy and the entire EU region for electric vehicle charging piles. The plant covers 16000 square meters and is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2021.

          The Italian market analyst of New Horizon said that in recent years, the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, the strong support of the national favorable policies, and the continuous follow-up of financial subsidies have all provided good conditions for the development of the Italian charging pile industry. However, at present, the growth rate of the Italian public charging pile market is relatively slow, but the degree of industrial agglomeration is high, the market pattern is relatively centralized, and the future development potential of the industry is still huge.



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