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KAYAL Pvides Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

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To cope with the business development of electric vehicles, KAYAL Electric can provide professional and high-quality electric vehicle charging solutions.

KAYAL Electric has completed many electric vehicle charging related engineering projects, customers include commercial institutions, shopping malls, hotels, private residences, independent houses, etc.

KAYAL Electric has professional and technical personnel, including registered electrical engineering personnel, with rich electrician knowledge and experience, and can provide customers with comprehensive technical support and maintenance services.

KAYAL Electric is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive one-stop service, providing you with specific solutions for establishing charging facilities.

As long as you install your own EV charger at home, you can charge your vehicle at any time. And we will provide on-site inspection, installation, repair and maintenance services for your EV charger.

KAYAL Electric provides electric vehicle charging infrastructure installation projects and assists residential estates with electric vehicle charging installation services.



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