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The soaring electricity price in Europe: the cost of electric vehicle energy supplement approaches refueling

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Due to the increasingly severe international situation, the electricity price in Europe is rising, and the charging cost has gradually approached fuel vehicles. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla Model 3 is currently charged at Tesla overcharge stations in Europe, and the 100 mile electric charge is 18.46 euros, while Honda Civic only costs 18.31 euros for gasoline to drive the same distance.

This shows how fast electricity prices in Europe are rising.

You should know that the price of charging the Tesla overcharge station in Europe before will not exceed 9.5 euros. Now, after several price increases, the price of the battery with a capacity of 60 kilowatt hours is close to 28 euros, which has doubled. Although in most cases, charging at the overcharge station is still cheaper than refueling, according to this trend, the travel cost of electric vehicles in the future will not be much lower than that of fuel vehicles. Of course, if you use a home charging pile, the travel cost of electric vehicles is still much lower than that of fuel vehicles. Therefore, for electric vehicle owners, using a home charging pile is still the cheapest option.


It is worth noting that some economists said that the rise in electricity prices in Europe will last for several years, which may affect the process of electrification transformation in Europe, because compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the biggest advantage of electric vehicles is their low travel costs. Once the advantage is gone, it will undoubtedly reduce the attractiveness to consumers. Originally, the market expected the rise of oil price to accelerate the development of electric vehicles. After all, since the birth of electric vehicles, they have withstood the "halo" of using cheaper than fuel vehicles. However, the actual situation is that the price of electricity has soared along with the price of natural gas. Now whether it is really cost-effective to buy electric vehicles than to buy fuel vehicles, European consumers may have to make a careful calculation.

On the whole, the current electricity charge in most parts of Europe is indeed rising, and the travel cost of electric vehicles in places like Germany has become higher and higher than before. However, this is not friendly to consumers, because what they buy electric vehicles is the travel cost advantage brought by low electricity prices. If the electricity charge keeps rising, it will definitely make some consumers give up their desire to buy electric vehicles and choose traditional fuel vehicles without "endurance anxiety" and with higher value preservation rate, which is not conducive to the development of electric vehicles.

Switzerland plans to introduce a restriction order on the use of electric power to cope with the energy pressure since the beginning of winter, including the use of electric vehicles. If the bill is actually implemented, Switzerland may become the first country in the world to restrict the use of electric vehicles.


According to the discussion plan, Switzerland may ban the use of electric vehicles except for "absolutely necessary travel". This is also the first time that the energy crisis has had a direct impact on electric vehicles.

At this stage, for electric vehicle owners, the most reasonable way to deal with the rise in electricity charges is to use the car during the day and charge it at home at night. Unless it is a last resort, it is recommended that owners do not go to the overcharge station for charging. After all, if they do this for a long time, the charging cost will not be much cheaper than refueling.



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