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What are the international standards for electric vehicle charging piles? do you know?

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What are the international standards for electric vehicle charging piles? do you know?

     With the development of electric vehicles, it has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives and social production, whether it is family cars, taxis, online car-hailing, or buses, logistics vehicles, even large trucks, dump trucks, and special engineering vehicles , Are gradually being replaced with electric vehicles.


      Electric vehicles have many advantages. With the further construction of charging piles, it will continue to make charging of electric vehicles more convenient and improve the experience of electric vehicles. The prerequisite for convenient charging of electric vehicles is that the charging pile can be adapted to all electric vehicles to avoid incompatibility between charging piles and electric vehicles, that is, a unified charging pile standard is required.

      Like the development of other industries from disorder to regulation, the development of the charging pile industry is also a process of gradual standardization. Only standardization can standardize the interface and interoperability between electric vehicles and charging facilities; stipulate product quality and performance requirements for charging facilities to ensure charging safety; stipulate requirements for the large-scale promotion of construction and operation of charging facilities; gradually expand the international market and promote international standardization.

      At present, there are four main charging pile standards in the world. Do you know them?

Four international mainstream charging pile standards


     At present, the four main international charging pile standards are: Chinese national standard GB/T, CCS1 American standard (combo/Type 1), CCS2 European standard (combo/Type 2), and Japanese standard CHAdeMO.

CCS (Combined Charging System) combined charging system

     The CCS (Combined Charging System) joint charging system standard is derived from the SAE standard of the American Society of Automotive Engineers and the ACEA standard of the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers based on the DC fast joint charging system combo standard. It was officially held at the 26th World Electric Vehicle Conference in Los Angeles, USA in 2012. The "Fast Charging Association" was established. In the same year, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, and Chrysler and other 8 major German car companies issued a statement on the establishment of a unified electric vehicle fast charging standard, and then announced the joint promotion of CCS standards . Soon afterwards, it was recognized by the American and German automobile industry associations.

     The advantage of this charging interface is that it integrates ordinary charging and fast charging into one plug and socket, using single-phase, three-phase alternating current and direct current, and successively becoming the United States and European Union countries as well as countries adopting United States and European Union standards such as South Korea, Singapore, Common charging pile standards in India, Russia and other countries.


     Standards represent a commanding height in the industry, and have always been a battleground for the strategists of a technological and industrial power. Japan is able to benefit from its strong automotive technology and industrial strength. Electric vehicles have also developed earlier, and they have also been strongly promoted in terms of charging pile standards. Facing the competition of Japanese charging pile standards, the European Union passed the "Alternative Energy Infrastructure Construction Directive" in September 2014, proposing to ban public charging stations from building CHAdeMO standard charging piles in Japan from 2019. The electric vehicle charging network in Europe is required to implement the CCS Type 2 charging pile standard, and CCS Type 2 has gradually become the main European charging pile standard.


     In the CCS Type 2 standard, in the DC fast charge mode, the voltage is 500V, and the output current is 200A. It only takes 30 minutes to fill an electric vehicle with a range of 350 kilometers. At present, European brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi all support CCS Type 2 standard charging piles.



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