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Kayal Attended 2019 Renewable Energy India Expo

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During September 18th to 20th ,the 13th Renewable Energy India Expo 2019,opened at Great Noida in New Delhi.attracting more than 30000 professional visitors around the world.Focusing on the application of green energy such as wind and solar energy,it has become the largest international exhibition of Renewable Energy in india and even in South Asia.


Located in the low latitude area,India has abundant solar resource.With the increasing population and rising energy requirement,India has become an important energy consumer in the world. According to the India government around 2031,their energy requirement will grow three times and electricity requirement will grow more then five times.Therefore the energy policy has been listed as the national development strategies.


As one of the first suppliers of new energy products to enter the indian market. Kayal showcased products inclouding EV charging station,surge protective device and combiner box at the exhibition.


As a kind of green transportation tool with broad development prospects, electric vehicle will be popularized rapidly in the future, and its market prospect is also huge. In the context of the severe global energy crisis and environmental crisis, Many countries government actively promotes the application and development of new energy vehicles. As an important supporting basic charging facility for the development of electric vehicles, charging piles have very important social and economic benefits.Our charging station attracted lots of attetion.


WIth the development of society,new energy industry will be more and more attention See you in india in 2020!



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