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KAYAL's Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Supports OCPP

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The full name of OCPP is Open Charge Point Protocol, that is, the Open Charge Point Protocol, which is formulated by the OCA (Open Charge Alliance), an organization located in the Netherlands. OCA is an international alliance organization that includes leading enterprises and entities in the public and private sectors of electric vehicle infrastructure. Its purpose is to promote the development and application of communication protocols for electric vehicle charging facilities through cooperation, education, testing and certification , While promoting industry standards related to agreements.


OCPP is a free and open protocol, an effective way to solve the interconnection and intercommunication between charging piles. OCPP has become the actual industry standard for network communication of charging facilities. OCA began to formulate the OCPP protocol in 2009, the first of the protocols The version is OCPP 1.5. At present, OCPP 1.5 has been widely used in more than 40,000 charging facilities in 49 countries. Until now, OCA has continued to introduce OCPP 1.6 and OCPP 2.0 standards after the 1.5 standard, making the OCPP protocol more complete and functional. rich.




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