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Solar panels

KAYAL L7 Mcb is applicable to electric circuits with rated voltage 230/400V AC, frequency 50/60Hz and rated current up to 125Amp. The product provides protection against voerload and short circuit to electric circuits and equipments in household and commercial installation. MCB is also used as non-frequent changeover of electric circuits.


1. Protection against both overload and short circuit
2. High short-circuit capacity
3. Contact position indication
4. Applicable to terminal and pin/fork type busbar connection
5. Easy mounting onto 35mm DIN rail
  • KYUN
  • 8541402000

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Solar Panels


Product Description


Waterproof material

The waterproof grade is IP65.You can use the item outdoors,don't worry about it on rainy days.



The life span of the aluminumframe can reach 25 years. andthe tempered glass can effectively resist hail, A level cells,good silicon chips and goodperformance.


Performance protection

Multiple protection, superiorperformance, rain and snowhail protection. high-qualitymaterials, long service life.


Widely applicable

lt is widely used indoors andoutdoors, not afraid of windand snow, and differentneeds require more choices.

Product parameter

Electrical Characteristics at  Standard  Test Conditions (STC)
Module Type KYUN275-60P KYUN270-60P KYUN265-60P KYUN260-60P KYUN255-60P
Maximum Power- Pmpp (W) 275 270 265 260 255
Positive Power Tolerance 0~3% 0- 3% 0~3% 0- 3% 0- 3%
Open Circuit Voltage - Voe (V) 38 37.9 37.7 37.6 37.5
Short Circuit Current - lsc (A) 9.15 9.08 9.01 8.94 8.92
Maximum Power Voltage -Vmpp (V) 30.9 30.7 30.5 30.3 30.1
Maximum Power Current - lmpp (A) 8.91 8.8 8.69 8.58 8.47

Electrical data relates t o standard test condlUons (STC): lrradlance 1000WI m' ; AM 1.5; cell temperature 25"C measuring uncertainty of power Is within ±3%. Certi fied In accordance with IEC61215,IEC61730?1/2 and UL 1703

Electrical Characteristics at  Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)
Module Type KYUN275-60P KYUN270-60P KYUN265-60P KYUN260-60P KYUN255-60P
Maximum Power- Pmpp (W) 211 198 195 192 188
Maximum Power Voltage -Vmpp (V) 28.4 283 282 28.1 28
Maximum Power Current - lmpp (A) 7.1 7.01 6.92 6.82 6.72
Open Circuit Voltage - Voe (V) 35.8 35.5 35.2 34.9 34.6
Short Circuit Current - lsc (A) 7.35 7.3 7.25 7.2 7.16

Temperature Characteristics
Voltage Temperature Cofficient -0.292%/K
Current Temperature Coefficient +0.045%/K
Power Temperature Coefficient -0.408%/K
Maximun Ratings
Maximum System Voltage(V) 1000
Series Fuse Rating(A) 20
Reverse Current Overload(A) 27
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions 1640*990*35mm
Wight 18.3kg
Frame Anodized aluminum prifile
Front Glass White toughened safety proffile
Cell Encapsulation EVA(Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate)
Back Sheet Composite film
Cells 6*10 polycrstalline solar cells (4BB or 5BB 156*156mm)
Junction Box Rated current ≥12A,IP≥65,TUV&UL
Cable Length 900mm,1*4mm2
Connector MC4/compatible with MC4
Container 20’ 360pcs
Container 40’ 840pcs
Container 40’HC 910pcs
System Design
Temp. Range -40℃to+85℃
Hail Max. diameter of 25mm with impact speed of 23m/s
Max. Capacity Snow 5400pa,wind 2400 pa
Application Class A
Safety Class II

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  • How do I ensure the safety of my funds and goods?

    We are one of the representative companies of China Customs Integrity Enterprise. You can verify the credibility of our company in any form. We also welcome you to visit our factory at any time.
  • What is the quality and warranty of the charger?

    All of our charging station components have passed CE certification, you can find the CE mark on our charger.
    We provide a 12-month warranty for the charger, in addition, we also provide lifetime technical support.
  • Does your charger support OCPP function?

    Yes, our charger supports OCPP 1.6 and can be connected to the Internet.Even we have chargers that support Ethernet, 3G, and 4G functions.
  • Are there any successful cases you can refer to?

    We already have many successful examples of projects in China. We have successful cases of photovoltaic power distribution and charging station construction in foreign countries such as Europe, India, Russia and other countries.


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