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The number of electric cars in Europe may triple in 2021

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    The number of electric cars in Europe may triple in 2021


Recently, T&E, a non-governmental organization headquartered in Brussels, published a study that pointed out that in recent years, the EU has continuously tightened vehicle emissions restrictions. EU automakers must follow policy guidelines and accelerate the deployment of new energy vehicles. In the next three years, the number will triple.



   "Because the EU's more stringent automotive carbon dioxide emission standards, there will be a wave of newer models, longer range, and more cost-effective electric vehicles on the European market." T&E Transportation and Electronic Traffic Analyst Lucian Matthews Said.

     "The data is gratifying, but we still need to work hard to achieve the goal." Lucian Matthew said, "We need governments to support the construction of private and public charging infrastructure, adjust taxation or make other efforts to ensure the cost-effectiveness of electric vehicles, so that electric vehicles It is more attractive than the more polluting diesel, gasoline or plug-in hybrid vehicles."

The report predicts that in 2021, there will be 92 pure electric models and 118 plug-in hybrid models in the EU. By 2025, 22% of EU new production vehicles will be equipped with charging plugs.



Western Europe will become the largest electric vehicle production center in the European Union, and Germany, France, Spain and Italy will be among the top production centers. In the eastern EU countries, it is estimated that by 2025, Slovakia will have the highest number of electric vehicles per capita, followed by the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Some people in the automobile industry once believed that the current charging station construction is not perfect, the battery reliability still needs to be tested, and the wide application of electric vehicles may take time. If alternative fuels are used and the existing automobile structure is used, it will be better. Prospects for investment development.


      However, the analysis of the report shows that it is difficult to meet the EU emission reduction standards by taking the alternative fuel route. It is estimated that by 2025, there will be 4 million electric vehicles on the road; while the production of alternative fuel vehicles, such as compressed natural gas vehicles, will continue to decline-by 2025, the number of compressed natural gas vehicles produced in Europe will be less than 1%.

At the same time, battery technology is developing rapidly. By 2023, Europe is expected to have 16 large lithium battery factories online, which can provide up to 131 GWh of battery production capacity, which is sufficient to meet the demand for electric vehicles and energy storage batteries in Europe at that time. (Intern reporter Zhao Ying)



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