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Why choose solar photovoltaic?

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Solar energy is generated by the fusion of hydrogen atoms in the sun with hydrogen and helium to release huge nuclear energy. The radiant energy from the sun.

The vast majority of human energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun. Plants release oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, and convert solar energy into chemical energy to be stored in plants. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas are also primary energy sources formed by the ancient geological ages of plants and animals buried underground. The energy contained in the earth itself usually refers to energy related to thermal energy inside the earth and energy related to nuclear reactions.

Photovoltaic panel components are a type of power generation device that generates direct current when exposed to sunlight. They consist of solid photovoltaic cells made almost entirely of semiconductor materials such as silicon. Simple photovoltaic cells can provide energy for watches and computers, while more complex photovoltaic systems can provide lighting for houses, as well as traffic lights and monitoring systems, which are integrated into the power grid. Photovoltaic panel modules can be made into different shapes, and the modules can be connected to generate more electricity. Both rooftops and building surfaces can use photovoltaic panel components and are even used as part of windows, skylights or shelters. These photovoltaic facilities are often referred to as photovoltaic systems attached to the building.

According to surveys, due to excess production capacity, the profits of the world ’s five largest manufacturers have shrunk. In 2012, the number of photovoltaic module installations will decrease, which is the first decline in more than 10 years. According to an average of six Bloomberg analysts, homes and businesses around the world will install 24.8GW of photovoltaic modules. This is equivalent to the power generation of about 20 nuclear reactors, but it is 10% lower than the newly installed 27.7GW of photovoltaic capacity. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates, the average annual installation volume has increased by 61% since 1999.

Light and heat

Modern solar thermal technology aggregates sunlight and uses its energy to produce hot water, steam and electricity. In addition to using appropriate technology to collect solar energy, buildings can also use the sun's light and heat by adding appropriate equipment to the design, such as giant south-facing windows or using building materials that absorb and slowly release solar heat .


(1) General: The sun illuminates the earth, and there are no geographical restrictions, regardless of land or sea,

Solar energy

Solar (6 photos)

  No matter there are mountains or islands, they can be developed and used directly for easy collection without mining and transportation.

(2) Harmless: The development and utilization of solar energy will not pollute the environment. It is one of the cleanest energy sources. Today, environmental pollution is getting worse and worse. This is extremely valuable.

(3) Huge: The amount of solar radiant energy that reaches the earth's surface each year is about 130 trillion tons of coal, which is the largest energy source that can be developed in the world today.

(4) Long-term: According to the estimation of the rate of nuclear energy generated by the sun, the storage of hydrogen is enough to sustain tens of billions of years, and the life of the earth is also several billion years. Inexhaustible.



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